La Rising Star Games ha recentemente annunciato una serie di titoli in uscita per Switch entro la fine dell’anno: Decay of Logos e Rico.

Secondo quanto dichiarato Deacy of Logos è un fantasy action-RPG in terza persona. Non mancheranno combattimenti con svariate tipologie di armi, armature e un sistema di level-up completo. Il tutto inserito in un vasto mondo totalmente esplorabile con spazi interconnessi tra loro, zone segrete e enigmi ben nascosti che celano ricompense. Di seguito un estratto della dichiarazione in merito e il trailer di presentazione.

Decay of Logos is an immersive action role-playing game inspired by the developer’s love and passion for European folklore, high fantasy fiction and archetypal classic third-person action-RPG videogames. The game hails from the imagination of lead game designer and programmer André Constantino and is developed by award-winning independent software organization Amplify Creations.
The game sees players exploring a vast interconnected world, packed with secret locations and items to discover. Adventurers will engage in deadly and punishing combat with other-worldly enemy constructs, and discover a world filled with arcane lore as they unravel the intricacies of the game’s various weapon, armour, inventory and level-up systems and mechanics.
Decay of Logos weaves a tale of a girl and her elk companion, who meet after her village is destroyed by one of the King’s sons. Battered and oblivious of the culprit behind the attack, the girl will not rest until she has her revenge. During her quest she will unveil secrets about the King and his sons, slowly realising that all is not what it seems.



Rico, di contro, è uno sparatutto cooperativo in prima persona. I giocatori possono riunirsi in un team locale oppure online. Saranno presenti eventi giornalieri e sfide per sbloccare armi, equipaggiamento e altri elementi che aumenteranno determinati perk del personaggio. Come per il precedente titolo di seguito un estratto della dichiarazione in merito e il trailer di presentazione.

The game’s title stands for “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations” Act, a United States federal law relating to criminal organisations. But forget that! Just kick down doors, shoot bad guys, and exploit the element of surprise to gain the upper hand against overwhelming odds, in this cooperative multiplayer first person shooter. Partner up with a friend in local couch co-op or online, to blast through an ever-changing series of procedurally generated levels. Come back every day for daily challenges and, as you play, unlock weapons, weapon customisations, and new “traits”– gameplay affecting rewards that modify, enhance and dramatically alter your characters’ abilities.
RICO is an arcade-style, first-person shooter inspired by modern action cinema. In the game you and a friend play as a pair of loose-cannon police partners, given twenty-four hours to crack a case as part of an elite organised crime taskforce. Planning is tactical rather than strategic, players must react in the moment to shootouts as they unfurl, with additional extra time to assess the situation if they are able to surprise their adversaries. Ammo and enemies are plentiful, and combat is punchy and impactful, supported by an extensive destruction system that ensures every shot looks and feels great.
– Online co-op and offline split-screen play
– “Daily play” with online leaderboards
– Randomly generated cases, operations, and environments
– Unlockable weapons, traits, and mission types
– Compete against the clock to solve a case in 24 hours

Fonte: NintendoEverything